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  • Jan 2 2021Player1234 (a simple ban test)
Things to do before 2022
What’s up next?
Release the launcher!
Top ofthe bucket list
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  • Dec 28, 2020.Publish the new website
  • 02.Register
  • 03.Login
  • 04.Character creation
  • 05.Channel login
  • 06.Lobby chat system
  • 06.User list
  • 07.Create room
  • 08.Join room
  • 09.Send / Receive megaphone
Things to do before 2022
What’s up next?
Release the launcher!
KEK Launcher
KEK is currently under development,consider contributing or report bugs.
Article n°1
Read time : 5 minutes Publish date : 01/01/2020
  • Release the launcher! # What's CA KEK?
    CA : KEK is a private server for CA, emulating the way the real servers works to let us do whatever we want on our own version of CA.
    (e.g: you can buy any weapon/gear (even functions) with GP only)
    What's ready yet?
    Registration & login system are done, character creation, ban system is also integrated.
    Is CA:KEK Playable right now?
    No, CA:KEK Is not playable at the moment. It will be playable before 2022 (Estimated time).
    How can you contact us?
    Well, You can easily join our Discord server and meet new rangers! Link:
    Is CA:KEK Free?
    The answer is yes, Combat Arms:KEK Is free. And do not contain In-app purchases.
    Will there be cheaters?
    Cheaters are our first concern, the server is developed by someone who has been building cheat / anti-cheat software for Combat Arms for over 4 years.
    Community reports will be highly verified and the server-side anti-cheat will be prepared for the existing cheats available on the market.
    Do we need to update KEK Launcher?
    No, the game files will never be updated, only the server-side part will be.
    Is KEK launcher contain any viruses?
    No, basically all the launcher does is changing the ip of the official server by KEK's one. (launcher is open-source).
    Will there be any GMs?
    Yes, not 'GM-' but 'KEK-'.
    Can we link our original classic accounts?
    No, KEK server's content has nothing related to Valofe / Nexon.
    Is REZ Modding allowed on CA:KEK?
    Yes and no. Only for weapons, files are verified by the server to avoid cheaters.
    How can you report a player?
    Simply, Click on this link to report someone How KEK was created?
    KEK is made over C++, reconstructing the game's packet structures to emulate an original server.
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